Now available: Zika Virus NS1 Antigen and SERION ELISA classic Zika Virus IgG/IgM

Zika virus is a member of the Flavivirus family and is structurally closely related to Dengue virus. Due to similar symptoms, Zika virus infections can easily be misdiagnosed as Dengue virus infections and vice-versa. To ensure highest specificity and sensitivity, we have developed a new recombinant full length Zika virus NS1 antigen.

Zika Virus NS1 antigen (BA149R01) is recombinantly expressed in the Drosophila melanogaster S2 cell-based expression system ExpreS2TM and highly purified by chromatography. With new developments like Zika Virus NS1, our portfolio of recombinant antigens is constantly growing! Further, the SERION ELISA classic panel for the detection of tropical infectious diseases is supplemented with our new Zika Virus IgG and IgM assays.