Capital of Lower Franconia


In the course of the company's history the location of Institut Virion\Serion GmbH has been relocated twice, but the traditional family business has always remained loyal to the city of Wurzburg.

Since 2004, Institut Virion\Serion GmbH has been located in the Science Park in the eastern part of the city of Wurzburg.

As the sixth largest city in Bavaria and capital of the administrative district of Lower Franconia, Wurzburg with a population of approx. 125,000 is also known for its numerous sights and excellent wines as well as its proximity to the local recreation areas in the Spessart and Rhön regions. 

In addition, the location is becoming increasingly important due to the settlement of highly specialized medical and biotechnology companies. The immediate proximity to the university and technical college as well as a large number of research facilities offers an excellent scientific environment.

The city provides an outstanding environment not only for medical and biotechnology companies, but also for you as a private individual. Wurzburg offers low living costs and family-friendly facilities with kindergarten places without waiting lists. Sports lovers will find a wide range of fitness and club facilities to suit them.